Amsterdam attractions and sights

Because so many of the beautiful buildings and attractions in Amsterdam have been well preserved, the city is a wonderful destination for visitors which are interested in history. The works of art, squares, warehouses, museums and of course the canals are all remnants of ts glorious past. All of these Amsterdam attractions are well worth seeing/visiting, but there are so many of them that we have decided to highlight the most popular attractions and sights of Amsterdam.
The descriptions include a short history, photographs and directions for getting there (for pedestrians, cyclists and with the boat.

The Amsterdam squares: living attractions

Leidse square is on the most populair squares in AmsterdamFor those who have never seen the Leidseplein, it’s relatively easy to explain why you should go there. Being close to dozens of bars and restaurants, theaters and clubs, surrounded by historic beauty of famous buildings like the City Theater, the Hirsch building or the American Hotel, the lively atmosphere is made even better by the ever-present street artists and trams with their relentless ringing.

Just like the Leidse Square, the Rembrandt Square, Dam Square, Spui and Museum Square have their own unique features.
Rembrandt square in Amsterdam is famous for his many bars and clubs

The most populair squares in Amsterdam:

  • Rembrandt Square
  • Leidse Square
  • Dam Square
  • Museum Square

Amsterdam canals and the historic warehouses of the Golden Age

In the 17th century, Amsterdam was the trade centre of the world. The interconnecting canals are a very clever solution envisioned by merchants and regents to regulate the increased traffic of goods brought about by the flourishing trade. The ships could make use of the well-connected waterways to reach the warehouses and trading centre. This inspired even greater prosperity. Fortunately, we can still enjoy that historical splendor. Seen from the water (in a canal boat), a visitor in Amsterdam gets the best impression of the historical attractions of Amsterdam. Sights glide by in such large numbers that it is difficult to give all of them the attention they deserve: the stately mansions, warehouses, beautiful bridges and of course the canals themselves.

Herengracht in Amsterdam

The most welknown Amsterdam canals

The museums of Amsterdam, attractions in their own right

The many museums of Amsterdam are not only worth seeing because of their great collections and exhibitions, but also because of their beautiful architecture: the Gothic-looking Rijksmuseum by Cuypers and the still contemporary-looking van Gogh Museum (mainly designed by Rietveld and Kurokawa) are located very close to each other. They show two totally different sides of the cultural attractions in Amsterdam. Have you ever visited the opening of a major exhibition in one of these museums? Then you know from experience people from all over the world come to Amsterdam to enjoy the cultural diversity.

Their central location and proximity to each other makes reaching these museums easy: on foot, by bike, public transport or canal boat.

Nemo is the most fun attraction for kids in AmsterdamAnd what to think of NEMO, the science center which esembles a ship, built on top of the IJtunnel? This education center attracts half a million visitors annually and the design by Renzo Piano is a clear example of how architecture of a building can perfectly match its functionality.
More about the museums: