Prinsengracht: Amsterdam’s longest canal?

Together with three other canals, Prinsengracht is part of the Amsterdam Canal District. Being 3,2 kilometers (~2 miles) long, Prinsengracht is the longest of Amsterdam’s main canals. If you don’t want to miss majestic monuments, famous musea and impressive architecture, Prinsengracht is worth a visit.

Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal) is named after the Prince of Orange. Most of the canal house were built during the Dutch Golden Age.

Prinsengracht: don’t miss these highlights!

Several musea are located along Prinsengracht. The most famous one is the Anne Frank House: with more than 1.1 million visitors a year, it’s one of the best visited musea in The Netherlands. Around 85% of those visitors are tourists visiting Holland. You can combine a visit to the Anne Frank House with a visit to the former courthouse (Dutch: Paleis van Justitie), Amsterdam’s tallest church (the Westerkerk) or the Noordermarkt (Northern Market).

Anne Frank House: Het Achterhuis (the back house) of Anne Franklifelike impression of Anne’s living conditions
Tourists visiting Amsterdam almost always visit the Anne Frank House. This museum shows the history of Anne Frank and her family. During the second World War, they hid in Het Achterhuis (English: Back House) located at Prinsengracht 265. In 1999, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands reopened the museum after it was renovated.

Former courthouse:
classic example of classicism

The former courthouse is located at Prinsengracht 436. It was built between 1825 en 1829. The building was designed by architect Jan de Greef. Not all of his ideas were popular. Initially, the design included a bridge and a square in front of the courthouse. Those were excluded from the final design. After many changes, the building reached its current state by 1950. The building’s architecture is clearly inspired by classicism.

The former courthouse is located at Prinsengracht 436.

The Westerkerk is Amsterdam’s tallest church.Amsterdam’s tallest church
The Westerkerk was built between 1620 and 1631. It was designed by Hendrick de Keyser, a famous architect who lived in Amsterdam most of his life. The church is constructed in Renaissance-style. The most striking element of the building is its height: with 87 metres the Westerkerk is the tallest church in Amsterdam. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, many famous people like Rembrandt van Rijn (the painter of the world-famous Night watch) were buried here.

Canal Cruise: unique experience

A canal cruise through the Amsterdam canals is a unique experience. The Canal Bus brings you to the most beautiful sights in Amsterdam, like Prinsengracht. Another great option is to rent a Canal Bike. You can rent Canal Bikes at different spots in the city. Visiting Amsterdam in August? If you love classical music, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the yearly Prinsengrachtconcert. The concert is often attended by members of the Dutch Royal Family.